Analytics API and BU Reports

This page describes reports available through the Analytics API. The API is available on and, for production and staging respectively. Authorisation and authentication works with the standard API users.

Reports are available through a hierarchy with the following structure:

The DATE_BUCKET is identifying the time period of association for the reports. A daily report will use the format YEAR/MONTH/DATE (example: 2012/12/31). A monthly report will use the format YEAR/MONTH (example: 2012/12).

Some reports (e.g. the events.rights_and_subscriptions) may still use the old structure (including VERSION) for a while:

The report hierarchy must be crawled as HTML, thus setting the Accept: HTTP header to include text/html. When fetching a directory, an HTML document will be returned. The links to either subdirectories or the actual report files will be found in <a> elements, with the URL to follow on the href attribute.

    <pre><a href='/THE_PATH/THE_FILE.json'>THE_PATH/THE_FILE.json</a>

If the BU queue is configured to receive ReportCreated events, there is also a possibility to retrieve reports by directly following the link provided in that event object.

For details on the different types of reports, see the list below: