CONNECT operates two separate and isolated environments: staging and production. Partners can use the staging environment to do their functional integrations. Once that is finished, the switch to our actual production systems can be made. This means that all endpoints exist in both environments and that credentials eventually have to be obtained for both. Note that no data (e.g. CONNECT user IDs) are shared between the environments.

Service Environment Address Deprecated
Authentication and authorization Production https://connect.telenordigital.com/oauth
Staging https://connect.staging.telenordigital.com/oauth
User data and rights management Production https://api.telenor.io/id https://api.comoyo.com/id
Staging https://api.staging.telenor.io/id https://stagingapi.comoyo.com/id
Payment Production https://payment.telenordigital.com
Staging https://staging.payment.telenordigital.com https://staging-payment-payment2.comoyo.com

Note that only production environment URLs are documented in the individual API specifications.