Supported languages

CONNECT supports the languages listed in the table below. A service can specify any of the listed locale values in for example the ui_locales parameter of the /authorize endpoint.

The locale in bold will always be supported, the other values might get removed.

Language Locale values
Bahasa Indonesia id, in
Bahasa Malaysia ms
Bengali bn
Bulgarian bg, bg-BG
Burmese my, my-MM
Danish da, da-DK
English en, en-GB, en-US
Hungarian hu, hu-HU
Montenegrin sr-Latn-ME, sr-Cyrl-ME, sr-ME
Norwegian no, nb, nn, nb-NO, nn-NO, no-NO
Serbian sr-Latn-RS, sr, sr-Cyrl, sr-Cyrl-BA, sr-Cyrl-RS, sr-Latn, sr-Latn-BA
Simplified Chinese zh-Hans, zh
Swedish sv, sv-FI, sv-SE
Thai th, th-TH
Urdu ur, ur-PK