CONNECT overview

CONNECT is the shared identity and payment solution created by Telenor Digital. It provides you with:

  • A secure way to enable easy access to digital services.
  • Central authentication (“who is this user?”), authorization (“what is the user entitled to?”) and payment functionality, open to all service providers.
  • Functionality which was previously only available inside Telenor (user authentication, billing, customer service).
  • A globally scalable solution, which makes accounts usable in all countries in which Telenor is active.

CONNECT enables you (as a service provider) to:

  • Increase conversion rate by reducing sign-up and registration hurdles.
  • Save on implementation costs by using an out-of-the-box tool set for authentication, service access and payment.
  • Use technology and services that were previously only available internally at Telenor (such as customer identification, mobile phone authentication, billing services, 24/7 customer support, etc.).
  • Be in full control thanks to advanced reporting, 24/7 monitoring and proper documentation and support.
  • Integrate only once to gain access to billing services for all Telenor business units.

User flow

CONNECT provides web based interfaces which can be integrated in your own service in various ways. The image below shows a typical example of a standard user flow.

User flow overview

CONNECT functional components

CONNECT currently provides 3 building blocks.


CONNECT ID is the component of CONNECT dealing with identity management. The main part of CONNECT ID is an authorization server which will handle user signup and login (authentication) for you. In addition to being authenticated, the end user gets the chance to authorize that you get access to his protected resources, like e.g. email address, phone number, and payment functionality. CONNECT ID also supplies APIs to get and manage user data.

User flows and technical documentation for CONNECT ID

CONNECT Rights Management

If you use CONNECT for identity management, you can also use it for managing service access. This can be done by creating one-time Rights or recurring Subscriptions. You can then check if a user has the access to use the service the user tries to use.

User flows and technical documentation for CONNECT Rights Management


If you use CONNECT for identity management, you can also use it for payment. CONNECT Payment offers many different payment methods to the end user and the ability for them to save their preferred payment method for easy one-click purchases. It is also possible to set up recurring payments for subscription type payments. You can easily combine Payment with service access checking by letting us handle the creation of Rights.

CONNECT Payment is PCI DSS compliant.

User flows and technical documentation for CONNECT Payment

Getting started

To apply for a test user in our system, please follow the instructions on the getting started page. When you have successfully integrated towards the test system, you will be provided access to our production system.