CONNECT rights management

Next to managing identity, CONNECT can also administer the rights of each unique service user within a specific service. A right specifies access to a specific part of a service within a given time interval (for example, the right to see a movie for the next 2 days).

Service providers can:

  • Retrieve registered rights.
  • Register usage rights.
  • Update the rights characteristics (for example, extend the validity with an additional 2 days).
  • Listen for changes to rights (using the Event Queue)

Subscriptions define rights which are automatically and periodically created by CONNECT. For example, a user could receive subscription to see all movies during 1 month, which will (automatically) be periodically renewed. A subscription can also be used for regular rights creation and multiple rights creation.

Both rights and subscriptions can be temporary suspended, reactivated and terminated.

Example sequence flow

An example sequence diagram of the checking of a right can be found below. Because the operations of reading, writing, updating and deleting rights and subscriptions are all using the same command - response sequence, not every operation will be illustrated below.

[The API(/apis/connect/rights/rights.html) supports other commands as well, like getting rights by right-id, posting the usage of a right, adding multiple rights, terminating rights/subscriptions, suspending/reactivating rights/subscriptions.

Check rights flow

CONNECT rights API documentation.

CONNECT subscriptions API documentation.